54 Best Legal Movies of All Time InfoGraphic

This is Awesome Folks We ask all our guest author’s to give us something that will WOW you.  This law firm stepped up to the plate to create something totally unique and hopefully worthy of your support to share online with this related top legal movies guest post here http://www.thecompletelawyer.com/?p=1413 So here […] Read more »

Potential Remedies for Litigants in Personal Injury Damages

A personal injury case starts with establishing negligence and it means the recognition of a legal obligation and breach of that legal obligation. Then, the accidental case requires establishment of the second prong of causation. Lastly, damages are the final part of a plaintiff’s case which must be established. An […] Read more »

A Breakdown of Immigration in the United States

Did you know that about 36 percent of children born in the United States to immigrants are college graduates? This is five percent above the national average. While immigration has grown as an issue over the years, it is important to gain insight into the demographics and statistics so we […] Read more »

The Rise and Popularity of Bankruptcy

Ever since the Recession drained businesses of profits and consumers of funds to survive, bankruptcy has become commonplace. There is no longer a stigma associated with bankruptcy, because it has become a legal process that is essential for the survival of individuals. As Wall Street continues to profit and thrive […] Read more »

December 15th Is National Bill Of Rights Day!

A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference. –Thomas Jefferson National Bill of Rights Day is December 15th, and sadly, many Americans are unable to list the first ten amendments to the Constitution, […] Read more »

Not Another Statistic: New Programs Combat Teen Car Accidents

Teens may count down the days until they get their driver’s license, but their parents and other drivers grip their steering wheels a little harder when they think about 16- and 17-year-olds taking to the roads. In 2010, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that seven teens between […] Read more »

Hiring Foreign Employees At Your Startup When The H1-B Visa Cap Is Reached

Immigration law is a big deal with many startup companies. Why? Because those companies often do need foreign workers! If they’re not legitimately legal, there’s a problem; they legally can’t work in the United States, and then these startups are out of an entire workforce they can utilize. That can […] Read more »