How Employers Can Prevent Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Since the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, employers across the nation have been called on to enforce policies against sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment can make employees uncomfortable at work and can lead to much more serious consequences for the company, such as decreased productivity and […] Read more »

Five Steps To Eliminating Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination is a serious problem for companies across the country. Not only do certain groups suffer as a result of limited hiring practices, but companies actually tend to lose money as a result of a lack of diversity. Employers must make a significant effort to improve diversity at the […] Read more »

When Is It Sexual Harassment?

It can happen to anyone anywhere: what begins as seemingly innocent flirting and glances finally culminates into aggressive, illegal advances known as sexual harassment. Both males and females are victims of this act, which can manifest either as a very overt act or as a pervasive tactic. People on the […] Read more »

How Legal Administrators Can Manage Terminations Better

According to the legal press, more than 1,300 legal jobs were lost in January of 2009; an additional 1,100 were lost by the end of Friday, February 13th. Every day we read about layoffs at another AmLaw 500 Firm or hear rumors of large numbers of performance terminations at others. […] Read more »