Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been A Bad Boss?

We’ve all had bad bosses – creepy, crawly, hair-raising, crazy – making ones. They come in all shapes and sizes: yellers, fumers, passive, aggressive, obsessive, oblivious, and egotistical. But have you ever considered that you might be a bad boss? Chances are, the answer is no. While working for a […] Read more »

Learn How To Speak The Language Of Technology

Does it sometimes feel as if you’re speaking into a vacuum? Ever read a software upgrade proposal and think nobody listened to your concerns? Project planning meetings with information technology (IT) staff can be filled with secret acronyms, industry-speak and unusual terminology, making it nearly impossible to communicate effectively. Although […] Read more »

Learn To Love – Or At Least Tolerate – Performance Reviews

What are the two most dreaded words in law firms? Performance evaluation. They elicit collective groans from support staff and attorneys alike. A performance evaluation is simply a report card measuring an employee’s achievement during the year in the context of what is expected of them. Support staff view it […] Read more »

Every Legal Secretary Has A War Story

Almost every firm has at least one: an attorney who cannot keep a secretary. In the old days, that particular partner (and it is almost always a partner) would get a new secretary each day, rotating in from the steno pools. How do today’s office administrators handle the abusive, persnickety […] Read more »