Instagram Law Firm Marketing Ideas

In a world where nearly every person is using social media with Internet access, businesses have had to change their marketing strategies to reflect the new digital age. Because most people use the Internet to research important decisions or to review a business/law firm prior to hiring their services it […] Read more »

What is the Legal Marketing Association?

The Legal Marketing Association was founded in 1985 and has exponentially spread to include more than 3,000 members in nearly every state in the US, Canada and multiple countries throughout the world. Because a lawyer has to market themselves to prospective clients, it is imperative that every law firm employs […] Read more »

IPad Apps For Lawyers: Trial And Litigation Edition

iPad Apps for Lawyers: Trial and Litigation Edition Every day, it appears that the apps number of apps developed, particularly for attorneys is growing exponentially. And this is because lawyers’ use of iPhone and iPad apps in their practice is increasing greatly every year. The American Bar Association’s Technological Survey […] Read more »

Social Media Marketing For Attorneys: Tips For Using LinkedIn

The prevalence of social media marketing in different industries varies considerably, with the legal profession being on the lower-use end of the spectrum; the idea of ‘’tweeting’’ or sharing information on Facebook may seem ‘’unprofessional.’’ But, they can be valuable tools. LinkedIn, the social networking group most highly regarded by […] Read more »

How Straightforward Conversations Can Help Avoid Direct Conflict

Classes in interpersonal dynamics are unfamiliar territory for many attorneys, as discussed in previous articles. To show you how these classes are conducted and what you can learn from them, I’ll describe below a typical exchange. The dialogue between various students and the male teacher takes place right after the […] Read more »

Communicate With Power, Passion And Precision – Help For Lawyers

Has this ever happened to you? You begin to tell someone a story and preface your remarks by saying, “I want to tell you this first and then the story.” What you’re really saying is, “I have to put my story in context to be sure you’ll get it.” We […] Read more »

Master Metaphors To Win Judgements

In medias res: Let’s look at some examples of arguments in which lawyers can use metaphoric re-framing to shift readers’ understanding of their arguments and smooth the way toward conclusions favorable to their clients. First, suppose a lawyer wants to help a client maintain primary custody of Melissa, a child […] Read more »