2014 Attorney-general’s Department Graduate Program

Once a newly appointed attorney has graduated from law school, finding a job is not a cakewalk. Like many other professions, the legal field has been impacted by the recession with fewer jobs for recent law school graduates. Whether it be through an internship or connections, many young law school […] Read more »

Law Firm Fellowship Programs

What is a Law Firm Fellowship Program? Because finding a job in the legal field after graduating from law school can be a challenge for even the most academically gifted and experienced students, many law firms, schools and government organizations are offering fellowships to qualified candidates. A fellowship is similar […] Read more »

Mandatory South Carolina Law Firm Mentoring Programs

Regardless of your educational background or demographics becoming a lawyer is a challenge and feat. Not only does becoming a lawyer require a four-year undergraduate degree, but also it requires a minimum of three years in an accredited law firm. Once a student has successfully completed law school, the challenges […] Read more »

5 Old School Gangsters Still Alive Today

Organized crime has been a fascination of the American public for decades. Film masterpieces such as the “Godfather” series have only served to deepen the intrigue. Such stories and novels centered on organized crime are hardly pure fiction in most instances. The killings, obscene amounts of financial gain, and backstabbing […] Read more »

The 5 Best College Towns

top 5 college towns guest post list. However no matter how great your college town is, there is no excuse for drinking and driving. Plus make sure you have an admission lawyer to review any financial aid agreements.  Then do your research for getting into a good law school! College […] Read more »

Law Students: Create A Well-rounded Life

Not so long ago, scientists believed that by the time people were young adults, their brains were fixed, static, hard-wired. Now we know that quite the opposite is true. Every experience shifts, shapes and sculpts the brain. The synapses (connections) between the neurons (brain cells) realign as we go about […] Read more »