Things You Didn’t Know Paralegals Do

Not everyone wants to go to law school. A paralegal profession is perfect for individuals who are interested in the law but do not necessarily want to commit to law school. Every type of law office – from corporate and non-profit to public defenders and entertainment practices – needs paralegals. […] Read more »

Paralegal Job Description

This paralegal job description looks at the common tasks that legal assistants do on a routine basis. It should be noted at the onset that legal assistants work under the direct supervision of a state-licensed attorney. It is the attorney who is ultimately held responsible for any actions taken by […] Read more »

What is the Average Paralegal Salary?

When it comes to the average paralegal salary, location matters. Studies have shown that those who are working in larger cities often make more than those who are working in smaller towns or cities. But location is not the only difference that affects pay in this field. Here are some […] Read more »

How to Earn an Online Paralegal Degree

Obtaining an online paralegal degree is a great way to get started in an exciting career that pays well and is in constant demand. In the past getting a quality education as a legal assistant meant going to a brick-and-mortar college or university. For many people, this option was no […] Read more »

Four Trends Will Change The Face Of The Paralegal Profession

Remember when corporations were trusted entities, jobs were obtained after a quick reference check (or none at all) and all those who wanted to could call themselves paralegals? Today, four trends are reshaping the paralegal field. Ignore these at your peril: if you don’t educate yourself about the latest innovations […] Read more »