Potential Remedies for Litigants in Personal Injury Damages

A personal injury case starts with establishing negligence and it means the recognition of a legal obligation and breach of that legal obligation. Then, the accidental case requires establishment of the second prong of causation. Lastly, damages are the final part of a plaintiff’s case which must be established. An […] Read more »

Relay Rides Renting Your Car Legal Requirements

What is Relay Rides? According to RelayRides.com, they represent “the world’s peer to peer car sharing marketplace.” Since being started in the winter months of 2010 in Boston, MA Relay Rides has attempted to revolutionize the transportation world by allowing car owners to rent their personal vehicles on a daily, […] Read more »

iSpotSwap Crowd Source Parking Legal Laws

What is iSpotSwap? With the holidays fast approaching and people flocking to the malls for last minute shopping adventures it can be a headache inducing challenge to find a parking spot. Unless you are one of the lucky few to find a parking spot in the first few rows you […] Read more »

Are Retailers Ever Liable For Selling Defective Drugs

If you have been injured or have suffered any other damage as a result of defective drugs, you may be eligible to receive compensation. It is important to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible to have the facts of your case evaluated.  Suing for defective drug […] Read more »

Not Another Statistic: New Programs Combat Teen Car Accidents

Teens may count down the days until they get their driver’s license, but their parents and other drivers grip their steering wheels a little harder when they think about 16- and 17-year-olds taking to the roads. In 2010, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that seven teens between […] Read more »

Viral Boy Scout Leader Filed Personal Injury Lawsuit

The star of the viral video featuring a boy scout leader toppling over an ancient Utah rock formation is now facing even more heat. It turns out that the man who is shown flexing his muscles and using his body weight to push over the historic boulder, had recently filed […] Read more »