How to choose the right location for your law practice

One of my very first law students was a New York policewoman I’ll call Amy who left the police force on a disability pension. Amy was from a small, blue collar town in upstate New York whose population was declining ever since the area’s largest employer had relocated. It hardly […] Read more »

Solos Have Unique Advantages During Harsh Economic Times

Over the last two decades, Big Law has led many to believe the profession operates outside the economic rules governing the rest of the world. Just last year we read about first-year associates receiving astronomical yearly salaries upwards of $200,000. But today we know that the legal profession is no […] Read more »

Free Yourself From The Grip Of Big Law

If opening your own solo legal practice was portrayed as a MasterCard commercial, it would go something like this: Virtual Office: $250.00, Cell Phone: $69.99 per month; laptop $799; taking your five-year-old to his first Mets opening day game at Shea Stadium (without derailing the partnership track): Priceless. Solos work […] Read more »