attorney search review attorney search review for The California State Bar The attorney search review focuses on offering people up-to-date information on the most experienced lawyers they can hire depending on the type of case they’re dealing with. The attorney search tool on brings together thousands of lawyers from […] Read more »

What Makes Stephanie Lewis Successful?

TCL: What’s Your Personal Definition Of Success? Success is making a difference in others’ lives and maintaining joy, passion, and excellence in life and work. I believe that my life is a success when I use my gifts in ways that best serve my family, friends, community, clients, and partners. […] Read more »

Moderation: The Key To A Healthy Life

A TCL Interview: Richard Eynon TCL:  Do you think lawyers as a whole are a healthy population? Why? Why not? No. Too much stress. Too much hostility among lawyers. As someone recently said, “In the old days lawyers made life difficult for everyone else. Now lawyers make life difficult for […] Read more »

What Makes Cynthia Doll Successful?

Our clients need us to hear both what they are trying to express and the emotions behind it. An interview with Cynthia Doll: TCL:  What’s your personal definition of success? Success is achieving satisfaction and respect in your field, while also creating the time to nurture the important relationships in […] Read more »

Cultural Issues Permeate Business Concerns

There are a myriad of cultural and business issues attorneys must consider when advising clients on how to do business in a particular foreign jurisdiction. Cultural Issues Failure to acknowledge and respect cultural norms can easily jeopardize a business transaction. Cultural issues permeate business in most foreign jurisdictions and knowledge […] Read more »

Seeking Counsel-A Key To Making Wise Decisions

Early in my legal career, I made some poor decisions because I failed to seek counsel first. I wrongly let my pride get in the way of obtaining advice and suffered the adverse consequences. Erroneously, I thought it was a good idea to “take charge” and to “be decisive.” Thinking […] Read more »

What Makes Bradley Thorsen Successful?

TCL: What’s Your Personal Definition Of Success? Feeling good about what you are doing. TCL: Who Is The Most Successful Person You Know? My mother, even though she never had a career. TCL: What Have Been Your Greatest Accomplishments? Being the first person in my family to graduate from college […] Read more »