In China, You Play By Another Set Of Rules

Most businesses are aware of the lure of the Chinese market, and stories abound of unbridled opportunities and potential for financial gain. But with all great opportunities come significant risks. My experience practicing at an international law firm in Beijing, China, taught me first-hand that not every business can, or […] Read more »

Global Thinking Goes Beyond Location

You don’t have to practice law abroad to engage in its globalization. Your firm may compete for new and existing work against a foreign firm because the client is international or because the foreign law firm has just opened a branch in your city. Client industries are consolidating, and US […] Read more »

Notes From Nigeria: Nurture Your Soft Skills

One of my young colleagues recently met with another lawyer to review areas of “disagreement” on a draft contract. This young lawyer excused himself in exasperation to report to us in the adjoining room that the “opposing” lawyer refused to accept certain clauses in the contract. When we asked him, […] Read more »

What Is It Like To Do Business in Latin America?

Just as you always want to make sure that you know the basics about your prospective client’s business and industry prior to calling on him, you will want to know the basics about the country in which you will be representing him or her. If you are “fluent” in the […] Read more »

Mexico: Working With The Manana Culture

There are myriad differences between Mexican business culture and legal practice and those in the rest of the world. Nevertheless, by being well-informed and working with the right partners, it is entirely feasible for foreign companies to carry out fruitful business endeavors in this country. The biggest cultural obstacle for […] Read more »

Our System Of Law Is One Of Our Least Successful Exports

When traveling overseas, it is sometimes easy to forget that one has left the United States. You fly in an American airline, are greeted by familiar automobiles and get stuck in similar traffic, your hotel often bears the name of a U.S. chain and everyone speaks English! You can even […] Read more »

Fostering Cultural Competence Is Necessary And Profitable

The globalization of the legal industry is changing the skills lawyers need to succeed in practice. Thanks to technology, travel, and global business expansion, lawyers increasingly operate in a world of disappearing borders. A growing number of law firms have offices, lawyers and operations worldwide. The National Law Journal’s largest […] Read more »

Global Lawyers Need Critical Relationship Building Skills

Not long ago, a law school friend of mine was walking with her father in New York City’s crowded diamond district. Entering a showroom, she watched as her father warmly greeted another man and handed him some gems. The man examined the goods, put them in a drawer and shook […] Read more »