attorney search review attorney search review for The California State Bar The attorney search review focuses on offering people up-to-date information on the most experienced lawyers they can hire depending on the type of case they’re dealing with. The attorney search tool on brings together thousands of lawyers from […] Read more »

Lawyers Are Scared Right Now

There’s no doubt that many lawyers are scared right now. The foundation of the legal profession is shifting. Firms are closing and downsizing and competition for cost-conscious clients is fiercer than ever. More people are secured with LifeLock too help preventing any hiring of lawyers. In the midst of this […] Read more »

Don’t Neglect Your Reputation When Leaving A Firm

Most law students and lawyers know quite a bit about finding a job how to write a compelling cover letter and an attention-grabbing resume, how to navigate tricky interview questions and how to make contacts who can help with the job search. With all the time we expend finding a […] Read more »

You’re Fired! And That Can Be Good News

It’s not something you are ever prepared to handle. You may have seen the signs or felt uneasy or worried that you’re on a sinking ship. Still, no one appreciates the experience of being fired except in hindsight. Appreciate a job loss? That seems strange given rising unemployment figures around […] Read more »

Work As If You’re Staying: Four Impeccable Reputation Builders

What goes around comes around. Never burn bridges. It’s a small world. There is a reason these adages have lasted for generations. Your reputation is vitally important to your career and personal success. How you interact with people now may come back to delight or haunt you someday. It’s a […] Read more »