Top Law Firm Marketing Ideas

With more than a million attorneys practicing in the United States, it is important that every law firm has an excellent marketing plan that drives traffic and generates new leads. Because a law firm is only as profitable as the number of clients it has, having an effective marketing strategy […] Read more »

Creative Marketing Ideas for Attorneys

The daily routine of a lawyer depends on the type of law he or she is practicing. Creative marketing ideas for attorneys are important to keep the routine fresh and the daily work more productive. A family law practitioner deals with family issues along with estates and trusts while a […] Read more »

Bar Association Marketing Regulations for Attorneys

Regardless of what anyone says, a private practice law firm is a for profit business that relies on clients to pay the bills. Consequently, a successful law firm must market effectively to generate new leads and convert these prospects t clients. Due to the cutthroat nature of the business world, […] Read more »

Criminal Defense Jail Mail Direct Marketing Providers

Importance of Criminal Defense Jail Mail Direct Marketing Doing a direct mail campaign is done for one reason: to make sales. However, because many people are averse to junk mail and tend to throw letters in the trash before even opening them it is important to make an instant connection […] Read more »

How Law Firms Can Re-target Web Visitors without Stalking them

What is Retargeting? When it comes to being noticed in the crowded legal marketplace, law firms need every advantage they can get to stand out from their competitors. In addition to an effective marketing strategy that includes a strong social media presence, an updated blog, and a user friendly website […] Read more »

Law Firm Reputation Management Techniques and Tools

No matter what anyone says a law firm is only as successful as the number of clients it has. If a law firm does not have any clients then it will not be able to pay the bills and leave the doors open. Consequently, law firms must operate like a […] Read more »

Common Law Firm Website Mistakes that Affect Leads

Because a website visitor makes a decision in a split second regarding whether or not to peruse the website it is important to make a powerful first impression. For a law firm, it is important to showcase the firm’s specialties, experience, knowledge and contact information. A firm that is able […] Read more »

Best Websites to Promote Law Firm Online

How to Promote Law Firm Online Like any good business, a law firm relies on clients to make a profit. Consequently, the most successful law firms are the ones that can generate new leads into paying and lifetime customers. Given that nearly every single person in the US has access […] Read more »

Law Blogger Case Study Examples

Writing a blog on any subject matter requires time, commitment and energy; however, when the subject is about the law it becomes even more challenging. Not only does a law blog have to discuss relevant and interesting content, but also it must be checked, verified and re-checked for any errors […] Read more »

3 Tips on How Should a Law Firm Benefit from Online and Social Media Marketing

Its a fact, an average person spends about 40 percent of his active time on the internet. And most of this time is being spent in social media sites which not just limits to Facebook, but also extends to Twitter and Linked In. With the onset of cloud and better […] Read more »