Attorney General Fellowship Program 2014 Application

What is the Attorney General Fellowship Program? For aspiring attorneys, graduating law school and passing the Bar Examination is only half the battle because the real struggle comes when trying to find a job. The legal field, like every other profession, was affected by the recession and is still struggling […] Read more »

Lawyer Mentoring Programs in the Workplace

Just because an attorney has graduated from law school and has passed his or her state’s bar exam does not mean that they are qualified to begin accepting clients on day one. Instead, like any other job, there is a learning curve to becoming a successful attorney. As a result, […] Read more »

Want Free Legal Representation? 5 Hints For Getting A Pro Bono Lawyer

Hiring an attorney is often very costly and many people simply cannot afford one. This being the case, then the first stop is usually to apply for legal aid. However, not everyone is eligible for this financial help. In addition, the available resources for legal aid is estimated to be […] Read more »

How To Integrate Legal Mentoring With Law Practice Management

Law firms often wonder whether they should implement a mentoring program. I recommend against it. Mentoring programs usually start off with a bang and then fizzle, leaving younger lawyers dazed and confused, and at least a bit cynical. What does work, however, is to integrate good mentoring and coaching skills […] Read more »

Mentor By Example With Excellent Delegation

Delegation is an assumed competency for lawyers: if you were to ask any lawyer whether he is a good delegator, without much thought he would probably answer, “Yes,” or at least, “I’m good enough.” Given a little more thought, most attorneys can remember too many times when a delegated project […] Read more »

Mentors Benefit From Mentoring Others

Mentoring is a process by which a wise and helpful guide or advisor uses past experiences to show another person how to avoid mistakes and help advance that individual’s career. A good mentor is part role model, storyteller, empathic listener and cheerleader. Like all good relationships, a mentor relationship requires […] Read more »

Today’s Economic Pressures Work Against Natural Mentoring

This article is from the March 2009 issue of Focus On: The Critical Importance Of Coaching And Mentoring For Today’s Lawyer. Young lawyers are often surprised to arrive at their first law firm job and learn they have no “boss.” In a typical business environment, a new employee is assigned […] Read more »