The Law Of Digression: 10 Ways The Government Interferes, Stifles, And Inhibits An Otherwise Natural Progression

Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. –Frederic Bastiat The happiness of society is the end of government – John Adams I am certainly no anarchist, I believe order and law is most definitely needed, and those laws should be […] Read more »

Five Steps To Eliminating Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination is a serious problem for companies across the country. Not only do certain groups suffer as a result of limited hiring practices, but companies actually tend to lose money as a result of a lack of diversity. Employers must make a significant effort to improve diversity at the […] Read more »

Your Definitive Guide To Submitting Guest Posts For Links And Leads

Read this guest post to ensure your law firm to contribute original shareable legal content on authority blogs like The Complete Lawyer. Because its a win-win to help connect with a blogger’s readers with free professional legal guest post advice. Guest posting also referred to as guest blogging is one […] Read more »