5 Tips To Avoid Legal Trouble In The Commercial Real Estate Game

Avoidance is clearly the best option legally these days in the commercial real estate stratosphere, even when it’s by far quite easy and convenient to go ahead and hire an attorney to handle the legal stuff. Why is that? You’ve got an enormous amount of legal problems that, while having […] Read more »

An Estate-Planning Checklist: A Guide For Helping Your Heirs

Whether death comes as a complete surprise or after a long illness, oftentimes surviving family members or close friends find themselves balancing the personal grieving process along with the clinical, technical aspects of handling the deceased’s estate. Right now, while you’re “of sound mind and body,” is the time to […] Read more »

How Do I Make A Will?

If you’ve ever seen the popular BBC daytime show called Heir Hunters, you’ll have seen stories about tracking down the rightful heirs to estates when someone has died without making a will. Often, the deceased will have made promises to friends about what will happen after their death, but without […] Read more »

What Should One Include In Their Will?

Nobody likes to dwell on what will happen when their life comes to an end, but the reality is that we all die sooner or later and something must be done with our stuff when we’re gone. Even though most places have laws for the automatic handling of a person’s […] Read more »

Elder Law Attorneys Can Help Humanize The Future Of Health Care

As an elder law attorney I guide clients through the maze of the senior chronic care system to help marshal all possible resources to provide the best care possible and at the same time preserve some of their life savings. In addition, many elder law attorneys provide planning advice for […] Read more »