Visual Tip-offs: How Police Spot Drunk Drivers

No matter how well intoxicated motorists believe that they hold their liquor, they always exhibit signs of intoxication. Experienced police officers can identify motorists who are likely intoxicated based upon their driving habits. In some cases, the driver’s inebriation is obvious and the officer instantly gains probable cause to conduct […] Read more »

5 Ways A DUI Will Affect Your Future

We are all human and often make some mistakes or poor decisions that could jeopardize our future. Many people, young and old, have had a few drinks and then decided to get behind the wheel. This is potentially harmful not only for yourself but everyone else on the road. Drinking […] Read more »

Questionable Police Officer DUI Arrests

Introduction to Questionable Police Officer DUI Arrests Because we hold law enforcement officers to a high standard we are always surprised when questionable police tactics become public. However, police officers are human and as much as we would like to hold them to a higher ethical and moral standard they […] Read more »

DUIs And Your Car Insurance Costs: Talk About A Bad Mix

There are few things that will wreak havoc on your life like being cited for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). If you make the mistake of driving after drinking and you happen to avoid getting into an accident where you seriously injure yourself […] Read more »

How To Stay DWI Free During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is often a time for celebration, and with this celebration usually comes alcohol and drinking. It’s important to stay safe during this time, that means the responsibility lies across multiple parties. The driver, the person who holds the party, and even family and friends have some level […] Read more »

Falling Into The DUI Trap: How To Avoid It

Many assume that drunk driving exists exclusively because a handful of people have absolutely no concern for the safety of those around them, and belligerently drive intoxicated without regard. Although that unfortunate scenario may play out from time to time, this is certainly not always the case. Another side to […] Read more »