A Breakdown of Immigration in the United States

Did you know that about 36 percent of children born in the United States to immigrants are college graduates? This is five percent above the national average. While immigration has grown as an issue over the years, it is important to gain insight into the demographics and statistics so we […] Read more »

An Employee’s Rights Against Racial Discrimination

yksin via photopin cc Race and Color Discrimination in Compensation and Treatment   In a workplace, it is the workers’ skills and capabilities that matter. You are employed in a company because you have been observed to have skills and abilities that are useful to the company’s organization. You have […] Read more »

How to Compare Lawyer for the Military Divorce

Military Divorces Because members of the United States military are often abroad while spouses remain in America it can be a challenge to make a marriage work. Many service members are deployed on long assignments that take them away from their families during crucial periods. Whether it be missing the […] Read more »