10 Weird Things People Can Actually Do While They Sleep

Every lawyer should have a good night sleep.  Which can be hard when your needed in the court room to defend a hard case. Here is a few weird things you may encounter while trying to get some ZZ’s.


Sleep has become a hot topic around the world as we continue learning about the effects of not sleeping enough, what causes sleep disorders, and the overall important role sleep plays in our lives. However, one aspect of sleep that people don’t seem to discuss as much is all of the weird things that people can actually do while they are in dreamland. While those dreamscapes can certainly get crazy, what people do in reality while asleep can be just as intriguing. While much of this list is humorous, there is a seriousness that is associated with the potential problems that these activities can create (and we don’t mean to play down serious medical conditions).

Here are a few things that our research on sleep revealed.

Talking & Singing
Sleep talking, or somniloquy is probably the most normal thing that will be on this list, but even this can get a little strange. Sure, a lot of people may mumble incoherent sentences while they dream, but there are some people who actually speak another language! It can even be as extreme as people carrying on entire conversations without remembering any part of it. Beyond a few incoherent mumbles, some people have also been known to sing in their sleep. Reports of this are usually involve off-key vocalists, however, and not undiscovered Beyonces.

Sleep walking, or somnambulance, is much different than just talking because it requires physical activity. Some people only take a few steps around their bedroom while others might walk the family dog or attempt to escape from some imagined threat. These episodes can be pretty embarrassing as clothes may or may not be worn during any given adventure as the individual lacks their normal levels of discretion in dreamland.

Yes, you read that correctly. There are some sleepwalkers who actually get in their cars and drive around for miles with absolutely no recollection. Not only is this impressive, but absolutely terrifying. There have even been a few legal cases in recent years involving accidents and other crimes committed by people who claimed to have operated a vehicle while asleep. Many people hide their keys from themselves in an attempt to save their life and their gas tank. This one is really no joke for those with sleepwalkers in the home, and has been linked anecdotally with sleep medications.

Eating is another one that may make you raise your eyebrows. A number of people have realized from crumbs on the bed and wrappers on the night stand that they actually eat food without even knowing it. Sometimes the food is something they would typically eat while other times it’s a little less than normal, like a tub of butter. While this may seem harmless it can certainly cause issues. Not only could it lead to unhealthy eating habits (including non-food objects), but also unwanted weight gain. Some people actually cook entire meals as they snooze. Of course, this is even more concerning because it could lead to scary situations like burns and cuts.

Shopping while you sleep? Yes. People have reported that they have purchased a number of items online that they didn’t want or even have a use for. Thank goodness for return policies.

In a technology-filled world it should be of no surprise that texting is on this list. People joke how cell phones have become an extension of themselves, but with texting and sleeping being the new phenomenon it may be more true than not. Sometimes people reply to others when not fully conscious or send garbled messages that make no sense to receivers. There are even apps now that lock your phone during a specified time or require complex passwords to prevent these types of unintended communications.

Video Gaming
Video games have certainly attracted the attention of a number of people thus creating an addictive habit. So much so, a few people have relented to playing the games as they sleep. The funny part, they actually win sometimes. Next time you’re playing Halo and swearing your teammate must be asleep, they very well might be.

No one has time for cleaning, right? So, this may not be such a bad one.. There have been reports of people who have totally rearranged their refrigerator, organized their wardrobe, and even mopped their floors. Who doesn’t want to wake up to a clean house without remembering the tireless hours it took to make it that way!

Obnoxious Shenanigans
Some people become regular jokesters when they are sleeping, just like when they are drunk. They hide items from loved ones, fill up every container in their home with water, have giggle fits and even break out in song and dance. Cheap entertainment as long as you aren’t picking up the mess!

Why Do They Do It?
So why is that people can actually carry out such bizarre behavior while they are sleeping? Many so called “parasomnias” occur due to a malfunction with the mechanism that usually keeps our muscles immobile while dreaming. When this doesn’t work properly, people may physically act out their dreams. Others have attributed their problems to sleeping medications and/or anxiety causing a scenario where a person can see and receive some sensory input from the outside world, but remains in an altered, dream-like state (making routine tasks like driving and cooking possible). Others also said it could just be a severe reaction to not using organic sleeping materials. Sleep research is a rapidly evolving sector of both psychology and biology, as the scientific world seeks to understand why these odd behaviors occur. As more attention is given to problems associated with sleep behavior, the more likely it is that we will find the solutions and remedies for healthier, more restful sleep.

While this list is a light hearted approach to people doing unusual things when they are sleeping, it can actually be very terrifying for the sleeper and those around them. Especially doing things like cooking or driving that could lead to an accident. However, being aware, informed, and taking what we know to keep ourselves and others safe is an important step. And as long as no one’s getting hurt, laughing at ourselves is probably the best way to handle it right? If you have any crazy sleep stories let us know!

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