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Introduction to Compare Probation Ankle Bracelet for Sale

For select offenders, a competent criminal defense attorney may succeed in having their client sentenced to house arrest and electronic monitoring instead of a prison sentence. The likelihood of being granted house arrest is slim; however, the court may grant this form of punishment for individuals who work full time, attend school, have family obligations or need access to specialized medical equipment.

Being sentenced to house arrest is not a free pass to break the law or disregard the terms of your probation. Instead, the rules of home confinement stipulate that the defendant wear an ankle bracelet for 24/7 electronic monitoring of his or her whereabouts. In most cases, the offender is only allowed to step out several feet in front of their residence before the ankle monitor sends an alert that reports the infraction.

Failure to obey the rules and regulations of house arrest almost always results in further penalties from the court. Because defendants are responsible for paying the cost of an ankle bracelet, the court system in California allows offenders to choose from a pre-qualified list of manufacturers. Below, we’ll compare available probation ankle bracelet for sale.

GPS Monitoring Solutions

These devices are specially designed for individuals convicted of alcohol related offenses. If granted house arrest after a DUI arrest, the court will require the defendant to wear an alcohol-monitoring device. This device measures the alcohol level emitted from a person’s skin to determine if it is above a certain threshold. The monitor is constantly checking the person’s skin for the presence of alcohol and the results are stored in an internal database.

Additionally, each device is outfitted with a GPS system that can track and record the defendant’s location 24/7. Pricing information is not available on the GPS Monitoring Solution; however, interested parties are encouraged to call 1-877-285-4238 for questions in California.

SCRAMx Alcohol Monitoring System

The SCRAMx ankle bracelet is attached with tamper proof strap and durable materials that do not wear overtime. The device is worn 24/7 by the defendant for the duration of their home confinement sentence. Every half hour, throughout the day and night, the ankle monitor uses transdermal technology to run tests for alcohol by scanning a defendant’s skin for perspiration. Once a test is conducted the results are automatically stored in an internal hard drive that can then be downloaded and sent to the proper authorities. The ankle bracelet is designed to be both painless and as undisruptive as possible so that the offender can continue their daily activities without hindrance.

Monitoring of Ankle Bracelets

California’s Electronic Monitoring Unit performs oversight of the monitoring of ankle bracelets. This unit, comprised of specially trained police officers, monitors each defendant’s whereabouts and alcohol consumption around the clock to ensure that each offender remains in compliance with the conditions of their sentence.

How to Compare Probation Ankle Bracelet for Sale

The best way to compare the prices for ankle bracelets is to visit each companies website directly. While the pricing information is not available on each website a phone number to contact the manufacturer directly is listed. For example, does not list pricing as each state and municipality may differ; however, customer service agents are available from 7am to 10pm 7 days a week. In Riverside County, the cost of an ankle monitor is $7 to $12 per day depending on the type of device chosen. More information can be found by visiting


Individuals who believe that they may be eligible for home confinement and the use of an ankle monitor need to be prepared for an uphill battle. In addition to meeting eligibility restrictions, the offender must submit an application and receive approval from a judge for home confinement. Anyone seeking house arrest as an alternative to a prison sentence should contact a California criminal defense attorney immediately.

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