When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Attorneys can be costly—that’s a fact. However, cutting them out entirely can leave you empty handed or ruthlessly exploited. This is often the case when you are tempted into settling outside of court or taking your legal matters into your own hands. However, even if you have the necessary legal expertise, the many complexities that are involved in specific legal personal injury cases should be overseen by a professional that is not emotionally attached to the case. This will make it easier to make sound judgments about the steps that should be taken and avoid costly mistakes.

Hiring an attorney will also open the doors for an assessment to be made into whether the amount being offered by the company in question is fair or grossly undervalued. A professional that is not emotionally involved with a case will be able to assess all angles of the case and provide a credible defense that increases the chances of leaving the courtroom with a favorable outcome.

You will need a personal injury lawyer the instant an insurance company—or any other organization responsible for covering your losses caused by the injuries—refuses to pay your claim. The same is true if the firm tries to settle outside of court with an offer that does not truly compensate the past, present and future losses involved in the case.

Your lawyer should try to first mediate with the offending party to see if an agreement can be reached. If this fails, then it will be necessary to take the case to litigation to ensure you are fairly compensated for your losses.

Legal Fees

You must carefully factor in attorney fees to know how much you are expected to pay. This should be clear from the instant you express your interest in hiring a personal injury attorney, and your should be presented with all the necessary paperwork regarding this arrangement prior to the hire.

Many personal injury lawyers do not charge for their first consultation and are paid on a contingent fee basis in which they charge a percentage of the award amount. This simply means that they do not get anything if you are not awarded any compensation for injuries sustained.

However, this must be clear between you and the lawyer you hire to ensure that the amount being charged does not dig deeply into the award amount.  If the percentage is hefty, then you will find you have barely anything left after covering the cost of an attorney and trying to get your life back on track. However, in many instances the payout you receive for hiring a lawyer is worth the additional expense than not having any form of compensation at all.

Seriousness of Injuries

A personal injury lawyer will be interested in your case if you suffered any of the following injuries:

a)      Paralysis or stroke

b)      Head or brain injury

c)      Permanent disability

d)      Wrongful death

e)      Injuries due to toxic exposure

f)       Workplace injuries

g)      Medical errors and negligence that lead to injuries

Often personal injury lawyers will opt to defend your case depending on the seriousness of the injury sustained and its life-changing consequences. It is important that you are truthful with your lawyer and give an accurate account of what happened leading up to the injury. An ex-employee, for example, that wants to be compensated for injuries sustained because of using heavy machinery must prove that all the necessary operational instructions where followed. If the other party proves otherwise, then it is highly likely that the complainant will not receive any type of compensation.

Additionally, their lawyer may also sue them for losses incurred due to being misled with inaccurate information. This is why all facts, dates, and incidences must be presented in their entirety.

The consequences of some injuries are not immediately visible. Sometimes these side affects don’t manifest until weeks or months later. However, it is important that you pay careful attention to the length of the period allowed to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you file outside of this period, then you run the risk of having your case dismissed for not complying with the legislation in your state.


You must hire a personal injury lawyer the instant you suspect that you have been injured. Most people generally delay filing any lawsuits for workplace injuries because they believe that the company will cover the costs. However, not all companies will cover the full costs and take responsibility for the injuries, even if it can be proven that they are liable for damages. There are also those that assume that the party involved will act fairly due to the sensitivity of the injuries. These only cause delays and can affect how far your case goes.

You may be temporarily incapacitated by certain types of injuries. However, during this time period you will find that it is difficult to work and earn an income. You must contact a personal injury lawyer to ensure that your case is thoroughly analyzed to get compensation for the days you are not able to work and any medical expenses you will have to bear. You do not want to be in a situation where you are left with astronomical medical expenses only to find that the period for filing your claim is no longer valid or that the company alleges that the injuries sustained were temporary.

A personal injury lawyer will ensure that costs related to funeral expenses, medical bills, lost income, and rehabilitation expenses are covered in the compensation request. They will also ensure that parties that are injured receive the necessary care to ensure that death or further injuries are not sustained due to negligence.  You may not have the necessary experience to assess these values, and this is why it is important to hire a professional that can bring your case forward in a court.


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  1. Wade Coye says:

    I completely agree with your assessment. Waiting too long can be the worst thing for an injured person. Your insurance company is powerful, has skilled attorneys and insurance adjusters, and their business model is built on minimizing insurance claims. It is not about whats fair, its about what has the smallest affect on the bottom line. That is why getting a personal injury attorney has soon as possible is so important: to mitigate the advantage the insurance companies have in the settlement process as much as possible.

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