2013 Teenager Prom Drunk Driving Statistics

Prom Night and Drinking Facts To Reduce 2013 Teen Prom Drunk Driving Stats

Prom should be one of the happiest days of a teenagers life. Everybody is busy looking for a date and the joy of being able to attend this memorable night. However, prom night can also bring out wrecked cars and possible life’s taken away.

Students should understand that drunk driving and prom night don’t mix. In fact, teenager prom drunk driving statistics are frightening…. but preventable by supporting awareness.

Common Reasons Teens Drink and Drive on Prom Night

Statistics have shown that 60% of teenage deaths in car related accidents are due to alcohol. More so, it still remains to be the number one cause of fatality among teens in their 15 to 20’s. What’s more troubling is that 70% of teenagers drink alcohol. Here are some of the following reasons why teens begin to drink alcohol:

7 Reasons Why Teens Drink Alcohol? 

– Availability (Party and Etc.) & not knowing Teen Party to Teenager Drug Abuse Laws

– Teenagers think that alcohol is cool & don’t know things like California Teen Laws

– Stress

– Mass Media

– Pressured by friends VS learning about Safe Driving Tips for Today’s Teenager

– Out of Curiosity VS knowing Driving Laws in California for Teenagers

– Don’t know any better & not educated on things like the Key factors for teen car accidents

This is just some of the bad reasons why teens start drink now here is some reasons why drunk teens get behind the wheel.

6 Reasons Why Teens Drunk & Drive

– They don’t know that it’s wrong

– They don’t want to get into trouble for drinking VS calling a drunk driving hotline for a ride.

– They feel that it’s the only way to get home VS calling like a Los Angeles Drunk Driving Service

– They think that’s not a big deal yet Drunk Driving Accident and Citation Statistics tell a different story

– They think that’s it’s just okay since other teenagers do the same VS being educated on Teenagers, Young Adults and the Law

– They don’t think about what may happen like the Worst DUI Auto Crashes on prom night.

While there may be several more reasons of why teens drive under the influence of alcohol, you can’t justify any of it.

3 Stat Categories to Teenage DUI’s

Statistics of teenage driving under the influence are categorized into three categories.

1. Behind the Wheel
2. Risk Factor
3. Death

Teenager Behind the wheel Stats

– Teens are brave and bold, and they do engage in hazardous situations.

– Studies state that teenagers are more likely to allow shorter headways and speed. With this, drinking alcohol will surely exacerbate this kind of problems.

– 60% of teen drivers who died in car accidents are related to alcohol.

– 6% of students have driven under the influence of alcohol on their prom night

– 90% of teens would drive drunk after the prom

Teen Stat Risk Factors

1. The risk for car accidents and death in teens are high than the old driver. In other words, teens who get behind the wheel drunk are on a higher risk than older people who drives drunk.

2. Three out of four teens that were involved in car accidents related to alcoholism, did not wear their seatbelts.

3. A study done by Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) found out that 28.5% of high school teenagers, rode one or more in the car with the driver being drunk.

4. 24% of teen involved in car accidents related to alcohol we’re males, and 12% of females.

Teen DUI Death Stats

1. 30% of teen’s death happen between 3 in the afternoon and 12 midnight. In addition, 54% happen on days Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

2. 8 teenagers die daily due to car crashes related to alcohol. About a year, there are 1,500 teenagers in their 15 to 20’s, who will die because of driving under the influence.

Terrible Teens and Alcohol Stats

– The average boy first drinks at the age of only 11. While the average girl is at 13.

– Daily there are about 11,318 teenagers who will drink for the first time.

– 3 million teenagers are alcoholics

Final say

Teenager prom drunk driving statistics are still high. More so, whatever are the reasons behind drinking and driving after school prom it cannot be justified. Teenagers should be educated and those who rode with teen drunk drivers should speak up their mind and do something about it.

The need to say “dude, that’s not so cool” must be empowered, because friends listen to their friends. With this, a little percentage of car accidents related to alcohol in teenagers during prom night will be reduced. 

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About Guest Post Author:

Christopher J. McCann is a practicing Orange California Drunk Driving Lawyer at the law offices of Christopher J. McCann who was recently awarded his 6th SuperLawyers Magazine “Rising Star” award. He works with teens to help navigate a defense against Teenager Juvenile Crime in California. You can follow Chris tweets at @cjm_law_firm

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