Creative Marketing Ideas for Attorneys

The daily routine of a lawyer depends on the type of law he or she is practicing. Creative marketing ideas for attorneys are important to keep the routine fresh and the daily work more productive.

A family law practitioner deals with family issues along with estates and trusts while a business lawyer deals with different companies regarding their contracts and legal disputes. Also, the daily work could vary if you’re a sole representative, as compared to a business firm. It is also totally different if you’re employed within the non-public sector, instead of the general public sector like a neighborhood attorney, or if you’re employed by an organization like an associate in-house lawyer.

Days are marked within the calendar since court cases usually bring deadlines along with court appearances. Consumer discussions and plenty of writing like letters and emails is also a big part of the daily life of a lawyer. Researching the law from public records, examination of case conditions and the trade working of things, like meeting potential shoppers and paying bills also make up the daily work load. Practicing law is a true challenge. That’s why several lawyers rarely leave the workplace with an unfinished job, and sometimes work well into the weekend.

Most lawyers move with a virtual office, engaging business deals from home and having a secretary on a different office suite. Some lawyers appear to default to talking at GCs regarding the law firm’s options rather than building conferences around problems that are vital to the clients. A counsel panel at a conference can strengthen the importance of asking queries. Instead of going to a gathering armed with details regarding your business firm, do an analysis first regarding what’s vital to the client, and prepare relevant queries and solutions beforehand.

As a lawyer, have an interest with the life of the client and what their crucial problems are so piping down and listening is important. Ensure you’re able to systematically articulate the advantages of operating together with your firm and use a third-party skilled professional to interview your clients to search out what they like and what they don’t like.

Lawyers need to simply grasp everything regarding the clients’ background but of course it would be pricey. Having a third party is also a way to uncover opportunities and reinforce relationships. You don’t have to be part a mega firm to reap the advantages of a client feedback program. Everybody from solo practitioners to big companies can scale a program to suit their desires and resources. Tap the lawyers within the firm who are the top writers to prepare the proposal and review it from the client’s perspective when it’s complete.

The lawyer-reviewers might send the proposals back to the RFP team or create edits themselves. Proposals become a subjective summary and can speak a lot to the client instead of merely placing the firm’s wares on show. These associative economical mix of skills help a lot in producing exceptional results.

These are the best creative marketing ideas for attorneys in order to maintain their lion’s share of the market.

Bar Association Marketing Regulations for Attorneys

Regardless of what anyone says, a private practice law firm is a for profit business that relies on clients to pay the bills. Consequently, a successful law firm must market effectively to generate new leads and convert these prospects t clients. Due to the cutthroat nature of the business world, the United States has adopted regulations that describe exactly what a law firm and cannot do when it comes to marketing. In an effort to create a level playing field, firms must maintain their ethical principles by not breaking the law, not misrepresenting their attorney’s abilities and much more. Like anything, when a firm or attorney refuses to play by the rules there are consequences that can range from monetary fines to disbarment from practicing law.

Bar Association Marketing Regulations for Attorneys

Although every state can adopt different laws regarding marketing regulations the standard is the one set by New York in 2007. As of February 2007, New York became the first state to define legally marketing. According to the legal document, the term means “any public or private communication made on or behalf of a lawyer or law firm about that lawyer or law firm’s services, the primary purpose of which is for the retention of the lawyer or law firm.” In addition to creating an equal playing field for all attorneys the law was designed to protect the consumer from poor representation because of shock advertising or false representation. Examples of marketing techniques that cannot be used by a law firm or attorney include:

-Testimonials from former clients that are paid

-Portraying a fictitious lawyer/law firm or a judge

-Embellishing/Lying about a lawyer/law firm’s credentials

-No nicknames or pseudonyms

-Cannot solicit new clients within 30 days after a tort

It should be noted that these rules were successfully challenged in court; however, many of them remain in a slightly different variation. For state specific information it is highly advised to view the ABA website at Given that an attorney takes an oath to uphold the law when they pass the Bar, it is important that every law firm and attorney follow the rules and regulations regarding solicitation and marketing for the state in which they practice.

Important Court Cases Regarding Marketing Regulations for Attorneys

State Bar of Arizona v. Bates

The law firm of Bates and Van O’Steen was brought to court because Arizona accused them of breaking state law for advertising their legal practice. The attorneys argued that the only way to be profitable while offering low fees was to advertise their practice. Ultimately, it was determined lawyers have the right to advertise their practice under the 1st amendment.

Florida Bar v. Went For It, Inc

Case was brought to trial after the law firm of Went For It, Inc. solicited contact through direct mail with individuals who had been the victims of accidents or disasters within 30 days of the incident occurring. This practice had been outlawed in 1989 after it was revealed that attorneys in Florida had garnered a bad reputation because of their advertising practices. Ultimately, it was decided that Went For It, Inc had violated advertising rules of lawyers and ruled in favor of the Florida Bar.

Criminal Defense Jail Mail Direct Marketing Providers

Importance of Criminal Defense Jail Mail Direct Marketing

Doing a direct mail campaign is done for one reason: to make sales. However, because many people are averse to junk mail and tend to throw letters in the trash before even opening them it is important to make an instant connection with the reader. In reality, only 1 in 10 people may actually take the time to open and read a direct mail letter; however, if that one person becomes a sale then it does not matter. To increase the likelihood that the letter will be read start by considering the packaging. Ever notice how the really important documents come in large envelopes or file folders? This is not a mistake, and people associate larger envelopes with more important information. In addition to size, consider the creativity of the content. Make the information appeal to the target demographic with enticing language, an interesting story and a prior testimonial. Below are some examples of criminal defense jail mail direct marketing providers and a brief explanation of their services.

Examples of Criminal Defense Jail Mail Direct Marketing Providers


Quite possibly the web’s largest supplier of direct marketing, has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Consequently, law firms can rest assured that the staff members have had experiencing assisting criminal defense attorneys. Directmail recognizes that the only result that matters is the feedback, information and business received after a marketing campaign.


As the wing of the federal government responsible for mail, the USPS can design a direct mail marketing campaign that is distributed to a specific target audience. The USPS has a sales department dedicated to helping businesses determine their direct mail needs and making sure that they are met.


Given that the UPS specializes in everything mail it is not surprising that they offer services for businesses. According to their website, the UPS Store will consult with prospective businesses, do the graphic design, determine the target area, distribute the mailings and everything else in between. However, it should be noted that because the UPS specializes in so many different aspects of the mailing industry your firm may still have to do most of the work on its own.


This marketing firm specializes in direct mail for law firms. The Legal Expert Connections will do all the leg work by acquiring the names for your mailing list, writing the pamphlet, designing the packet, distributing it to the names and analyzing the feedback received and making changes as needed.


Like nearly every other direct mail provider, Quantum Digital offers custom designed mailings that will entice new clients to research your firm. In addition to creating bulky envelopes and mailings, Quantum Digital specializes in smaller postcards that can be produced in 24 hours. Although a postcard does not contain as much information as a letter it may have a bigger bang for the buck because if done correctly it can create a visually appealing image of your firm that cannot be done with a lengthy letter.

It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list of direct mail providers. Instead, it is a glimpse at just a few of the many companies that offer similar services.

How Law Firms Can Re-target Web Visitors without Stalking them

What is Retargeting?

When it comes to being noticed in the crowded legal marketplace, law firms need every advantage they can get to stand out from their competitors. In addition to an effective marketing strategy that includes a strong social media presence, an updated blog, and a user friendly website every law firm needs to utilize tools to find, solicit and follow potential customers while they are using the Internet. Retargeting, or remarketing, is a type of online advertising that allows a law firm to follow traffic to your website as they visit different websites online. For a quick visual exercise, consider an item that you have recently viewed on a website that continues to follow you in the form of advertisements as you bounce from one site to the next. If you’re like many people, the constant visual content with an item or business that you recently viewed may cause you to return to that website and purchase the product or contact the business in question. In short, retargeting keeps your law firm in the forefront of a person’s mind even if they only browse your page for a few seconds.

How Does Retargeting Work?

Although the concept of retargeting can be relatively complex the actual process is relatively easy. To take advantage of retargeting you would simply place a piece of code, or pixel, on your website that is invisible to visitors, but allows your website to track visitors to your website anonymously no matter what other websites they visit on the net. Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that latches on to a website visitor and saves their history for future uses. Consequently, even if a user does not access the Internet for several days their presence on your law firm’s website will be saved for future targeted advertising. Because retargeting only focuses on people who have viewed your law firm’s website it is a much more effective marketing technique because your money is only being spent on people who had a need to visit in the first place.

How Law Firms Can Re-Target Web Visitors Without Stalking Them

Because retargeting requires accessing a person’s browser history, some advocates of privacy rights have complained that this marketing technique accounts for cyber bullying or stalking. As a result, law firms need to learn how to participate in remarketing without alienating clients concerned with being stalked with advertisements while online. Experts suggest that instead of targeting customers based on demographics and browsing targets, law firms should be utilizing predictive technology and modeling to reach new audiences. Furthermore, law firms would be best served by not spamming their past visitors with constant advertisements. Companies that specialize in retargeting can control the number of times that a visitor receives targeted ads. Here are some of the top companies that specialize in retargeting:


AdRoll offers the creativity and innovation needed to stretch the boundaries of online advertising. AdRoll offers several different pay for plans that allow a law firm to customize their retargeting campaign depending on their needs.


Law firms can choose between two different packages with one offering retargeting through demographics and the other through site retargeting. Retargeter is known for having one of the best customer service teams in the industry.

Other popular retargeting websites include Fetchback and Chango. Consult with any of the aforementioned companies before beginning your retargeting campaign for advice on how to avoid appearing to stalk potential clients.

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Attorney General Fellowship Program 2014 Application

What is the Attorney General Fellowship Program?

For aspiring attorneys, graduating law school and passing the Bar Examination is only half the battle because the real struggle comes when trying to find a job. The legal field, like every other profession, was affected by the recession and is still struggling to recover. Consequently, many new attorneys are graduating from law school with thousands in student debt and no opportunities to put their new skills to work. As a result, many new lawyers have had to settle for fellowships and internships to get their foot in the door until they are able to find a full time position in a law firm.

Because the federal government requires attorneys in hundreds of different fields of practices, newly graduated law students are encouraged to consider applying for the Attorney General’s Honors Program that places top graduates in a federal law office around the United States. In order to be eligible for the program, students must be in their final semester of law school or be within one year of having graduated from law school. Visit for more specific information on eligibility. Once a person has been accepted into the fellowship program, they will be placed at one of the Attorney General’s offices in the United States. The person must commit to a two year commitment with the federal government and can expect to be exposed to a variety of legal issues including civil rights, criminal prosecution, labor law, contracts, eminent domain and much more. While in the program, participants will work in each division of the Attorney General’s office so that they can be exposed to many different types of legal issues while working closely with more experienced attorneys.

Attorney General Fellowship Program 2014 Application

Although the specific dates for applying have not been determined, the process is expected to begin in July 2014. Accepted applicants will be notified in late September and early October to schedule their interviews. By winter 2015, individuals who applied will receive final notice of their admission decision. In addition to a completed application, every person must submit their law school transcripts, a personal essay and letters of recommendations. Given that this is a lengthy process, applicants are encouraged to begin working on the forms sooner rather than letter. Furthermore, due to the competitive nature of the program applicants are expected to have a stellar academic record and previous legal experience through an internship or fellowship.

Tips for Making your Attorney General Fellowship Program 2014 Applications Stand Out

Start by making your resume as true as possible while showcasing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. Pick only experiences that will make you stand apart from your peers. For example, do not neglect mentioning your experience writing for your college law review in favor of highlighting your summer work experience at a restaurant. Be sure to read the personal statement multiple times to be sure it is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Lastly, when choosing professors to write a letter of recommendation only consider ones who will specifically remember you. Consider writing them a short note that highlights what you did during the semester so that they can discuss your accomplishments.

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Target Corporate Headquarters Legal Department Contact Info

Target Corporate Headquarters Legal Department Contact Info

Given that Target has become the target of an elaborate hacking attack that resulted in millions of customers’ credit card numbers being stolen, one can only imagine how busy the company’s legal has been in recent weeks. Because Target is the number 2 retailer in the United States, it is not surprisingly to learn that it has a large legal department. Although many companies outsource their legal needs to large firms, companies like Target, Walmart and many others employ their own legal department and general counsel. Often, companies do this to control costs and to employ team members who are 100% loyal to one entity and have the time available to devote to only one company at a time. Per, the Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Target is Timothy R. Baer. Before joining Target, Baer graduated from Princeton University and the University of Minnesota Law School. In addition to confronting the recent crisis, Target’s legal department is responsible for public relations, government affairs, corporate risk and corporate law among many other issues. Read more about Baer and his team of attorneys at Because Target has more than 300,000 employees the company recommends using an email form to contact each individual department at their Minnesota headquarters. If in need of the Target corporate headquarters legal department contact info visit

Recent Target Legal Problems and What it Means for You

Anyone who shopped at Target between Black Friday and December 15 should be aware that their credit card information could have been stolen. Anyone with concerns regarding their debit or credit card accounts should contact their banking institution for further information and instruction. Over the period of nearly three weeks, Target admitted to being the victim of an elaborate and sophisticated hacking attack that saw more than 40 million credit card numbers stolen. At first, Target maintained that the hackers were not able to access the pin information of debit cards; however, just a few days ago the company admitted that this information was breached during the attack. Despite this, Target continues to state that their customer’s PIN numbers are safe and secure. If the hackers obtained access to PIN numbers they would be able to withdraw money from an ATM, make purchases in person requiring a PIN number and drain a person’s bank account in a single transaction. According to Target, the company encrypts a customer’s PIN information when it enters their computer system and it can only be encrypted by the company’s independent payment processor. Given that the retail giant has been the target of multiple lawsuits since the attack was reported, Target must be confident that the PIN information is secure. If not, Target could be faced with lawsuits and fines totaling into the billions of dollars.

What to I do Next?

In an effort to make right with their customers, Target offered a 10% off discount the weekend before Christmas on everything in their store. However, this discount appeared to do little to appease many as the company’s stock continues to suffer. Target has stated that this was an isolated attack that was only limited to the timeframe previously stated. As a result, consumers should feel confident in using their credit cards at the store. Even with that said, shoppers should use caution and consider paying with cash if at all possible. Furthermore, anyone who made purchases during the three week period of the attack should continue to monitor their banking accounts closely for any unauthorized transactions.

etsy Legal Department Phone, Email & Address Contact Info

What is Etsy?

Although similar to eBay in that it is an ecommerce website that allows users to post items to be bought and sold, Etsy is different because it specializes only in homemade and vintage goods. Since being established, Etsy has gone from a virtual unknown to the world’s largest ecommerce website for their niche of products. Sellers are drawn to the usability of Etsy because it makes selling goods much easier by placing them in one marketplace that draws millions of visitors every year. For buyers, it is much easier to use Etsy to search for a product then it is to scour the Internet for an obscure and hard to find item. Furthermore, Etsy offers more protection for both the buyer and seller in the event that an issue arises than a personal website.

Legal Issues with Etsy

Because Etsy is the host of homemade items it is no surprise that many of the legal issues surrounding the website concern copyright infringement. Imagine that you are an artist who visits Etsy looking for a homemade gift for a loved one’s birthday. You browse the website and come across an online store selling exactly what you are looking for; however, when you go to take a closer look at the t-shirt you recognize that the design on it is one of your own. However, because proving that you own the copyright of the specific design is next to impossible it is highly unlikely that Etsy will require that the shop remove the item for sale. Furthermore, given that the goods are supposed to be homemade and crafted by an artist’s hands it may be a surprise to learn that many of the products are actually manufactured in China or other overseas locations. Read more about some of Etsy’s legal issues and advice on how to set up your own store at

Etsy Legal Department Phone, Email & Address Contact Info

Because Etsy is a multimillion dollar ecommerce company it has a dedicated support staff working around the clock to assist its customers. However, given that Etsy is an online store it can be a challenge to speak directly with an employee. Instead, Etsy encourages users to fill out an online contact form and/or to request a phone call from an employee. Etsy encourages users to contact individual sellers for questions regarding their specific orders or any customer service issues that arise. However, for issues of a legal nature Etsy has a legal department that is ready to assist. The Etsy Copyright and Intellectual Property Police can be found at Included in the document is the mailing address, email and phone number of the Etsy legal department. The information is as follows:

Etsy, Inc. Attn: Legal Department

55 Washington Street Suite 512

Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA


Given the monumental success of Etsy over the last few years it is highly unlikely that the website will be going anywhere anytime soon. Consequently, buyers and sellers on Etsy have to use good judgment when selecting items to purchase or reviewing the buyer.

eBay Legal Department Contact Number, Email & Address Info

History of eBay

Since being founded in 1995, eBay has grown into one of the world’s most successful ecommerce websites. Currently, eBay is a multi-billion dollar business that has operations in more than 30 countries worldwide. In short, eBay is a shopping website and online auction that allows both people and businesses to bid on and purchase hundreds of thousands of goods and services across the globe. In addition to eBay, the company also operates PayPal, StubHub (Online Sports and Events Ticket Auctions/Trading) and for the purchase of textbooks.

As of 2012, eBay reported having nearly 28000 employees and gross revenue in excess of $14 Billion. Because eBay is a peer-to-peer shopping network that relies on a percentage of each auction sold for profit, the company expects each user to take its rules and regulations seriously. Once a bid on an item has been submitted this is considered a legally binding contract to purchase the good or service if that is the winning price. Failure to purchase the product could result in the user losing their account privileges. In an effort to curb disagreements, eBay uses a feedback system to rate both buyers and sellers on their purchasing experience. These ratings and reviews are available for all users to read prior to bidding on an item.

ebay legal department contact number, email & address info

Like many other large multi-billion dollar businesses, eBay does not outsource their legal services to law firms. Instead, the company has their own general counsel and legal department that are responsible for many facets of eBay’s operations. Finding information for the ebay legal department contact number, email & address info is a little bit challenging because the company looks to prescreen complaints through their customer service representatives before they are escalated to upper management. However, persistence is the key to finding the contact information for the eBay legal department and here is a website that lists more than 400 phone numbers, emails and addresses for nearly every department at eBay, StubHub and PayPal: As the website explains, the best way to reach an individual in the legal department may be to contact as many numbers as possible. The more people you reach out to for assistance the more likely it is that at least one person will respond.

eBay Legal Troubles

Like any large company, eBay has fallen victim to criticism and lawsuits over the years. Much of the criticism centers on reports of fraud and deceit amongst eBay sellers. Over the last two decades there have been several cases of buyers reporting having received items other than what they purchased or in a different condition then advertised. Additionally, several eBayers have been sued over the negative feedback they have left for other buyers or sellers after making a purchase or sale. Given that a negative feedback rating can terminate a person’s account, many high volume sellers and buyers take pride in ensuring that their ratings are consistently high. If there is a dispute between both parties, eBay encourages communication between the buyer and seller. If an amicable resolution cannot be met then eBay has a dispute resolution center that will render a decision.

eBay Negative Feedback Legal Action

Importance of eBay Feedback

Prior to purchasing a product through eBay, potential buyers have the opportunity to view feedback on the seller left by other users. While the feedback only provides a snapshot of the seller’s history, it does provide a glimpse into whether or not the person is reliable. Things to look for when viewing a person’s feedback information include whether or not the product purchased works, shipping issues, customer service problems and more. Given that a seller’s feedback history can be the difference between a sale and lost customer, leaving an accurate review is critically important. Prior to posting negative reviews consider reaching out the seller first do see if you can reach an amicable resolution without tarnishing their reputation. In addition to a buyer leaving feedback on a seller, eBay also allows the opposite to occur. Sellers searching for information about a buyer should check their feedback score to ensure that they are paying for their goods purchased and that there are no other major issues.

eBay Negative Feedback Legal Action

Because leaving a negative feedback rating can tarnish a buyer or seller’s eBay reputation it is important to understand whether or not legal action can be taken against a poor review. Although taking legal action is allowed it is exceedingly rare because of the time and cost associated with a court case. However, a person who frequently purchases or sells items on eBay may decide to take legal action if they believe the negative review affects their ability to do business on the ecommerce website. Despite eBay negative feedback legal action being uncommon, in May 2012 a buyer was sued by a seller for leaving negative feedback on a recent purchase. The seller, a frequent user of eBay, sued the buyer for libel and slander citing the negative review as unjust and costly. Read the article in full at

How to Avoid Negative Reviews on eBay

Avoiding negative reviews on eBay is as simple as being upfront with customers, taking care of problems when they arise and recognizing that bidding on an item is a legally binding contract regardless of any excuses after winning the auction. In the event that a buyer or seller receives negative feedback, eBay recommends that both parties contact each other to resolve the issue. If an agreement between the buyer and seller can be reached, the party that received negative feedback can send a request to the other person asking that the rating be adjusted. If not possible, eBay allows the party that received a bad review to respond with a short statement explaining their side of the story. As a last resort, eBay can be asked to review the negative feedback to determine whether or not it should be removed. However, removing feedback is not likely to occur and instead, eBay will suggest that both parties work together to reach a mutual decision.

Consequently, taking legal action against a poor review on eBay is uncommon because it is both cost prohibitive and timely. Instead, buyers and sellers who receive poor reviews are encouraged to communicate with each other to resolve the matter.