Toxic Mold: Who to Sue?

Many individuals at some point in their lives come into contact with deadly pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, funguses and mold. Most times contact with these pathogens will not result in adverse effects; however there are a select few that will develop severe complications and some will even die. A […] Read more »

When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Attorneys can be costly—that’s a fact. However, cutting them out entirely can leave you empty handed or ruthlessly exploited. This is often the case when you are tempted into settling outside of court or taking your legal matters into your own hands. However, even if you have the necessary legal […] Read more »

Car Accidents and Negligence

Driving and owning a car involves a high degree of responsibility. This becomes even more evident when there is an accident or some form of negligence occurred to provoke one. What some people don’t realize is that they can be held accountable for an accident even if they were not […] Read more »

Moderation: The Key To A Healthy Life

A TCL Interview: Richard Eynon TCL:  Do you think lawyers as a whole are a healthy population? Why? Why not? No. Too much stress. Too much hostility among lawyers. As someone recently said, “In the old days lawyers made life difficult for everyone else. Now lawyers make life difficult for […] Read more »

Law Career Profile: Glenn Warren

“One major reason for going to law school was to help my wife realize her dream of becoming a professional chef,” said Glenn Warren. Now beginning his ninth year with a 15-attorney firm in Jacksonville, Florida, Glenn, a personal injury lawyer, worked previously in finance, at a bank, and as […] Read more »