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You can always count on an attorney for his or her professional opinion…even if you didn’t ever ask for it.

Consequently, when it comes to which films rank as the best legal movies of all time, there is no shortage of advice. The problem is there are just too many amazing legal movies to form any sort of concise list. After much heated debate, our office felt the only way to form some sort of authoritative list was to give it a bit more substance. In order to do so, we analyzed some of the web’s most respected lists of best legal movies and compiled the results. Now, I’m no film critic, but I think our weighted approach gives a bit more insight into the available options.

Our efforts resulted in a list of the best 54 legal films of all time. We also created an infographic to go with it.

LegalMoviesInfographic 54 Best Legal Movies of All Time InfoGraphicBest Legal Movies of All Time

With the data collected from the 54 movies, we could also classify them by box-office, rotten tomato rating and Academy Award wins.

The depiction of the law, the courtroom, and its various players is different in each film. For movies such as The Caine Mutiny, Amistad, 12 Angry Men, and Witness for the Prosecution, the courtroom dominates the movie.

For comedies such as Stir Crazy, Airplane II, Bananas, and Animal House the legal system might just be a single scene in the entire movie.

There will never be a consensus about everyone’s favorite legal movies, but one could easily argue that the genre is responsible for some of the greatest films ever made.

Which films are your favorites? How many of them have you seen? Have we omitted any that you think should have been included?

Potential Remedies for Litigants in Personal Injury Damages

A personal injury case starts with establishing negligence and it means the recognition of a legal obligation and breach of that legal obligation. Then, the accidental case requires establishment of the second prong of causation. Lastly, damages are the final part of a plaintiff’s case which must be established.

An injured party can recover damages potentially in a personal accident suit provided the three things can be proved by he or she. The factors include:

  • that a company, entity or person was negligent

  • that the negligence of the person, company or entity was the cause of the accident of the injured party

  • that the injured party was not negligent

Types of Damages  

There are two types of injuries that a victim party can recover potentially in a personal accident lawsuit. Leading Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto can also help you in these categories including compensatory damage as well as punitive damage. It is crucial to realize that though there are only two classes of damages available to personal injury litigants as potential remedies, it does not translate into a claimant’s ability to recoup such damage.

Compensatory Damages              

This type refers to the damages that are a form of compensation or payment for the sustained injuries and losses of the injured party. The compensatory accident types include bodily injuries, future and past effects of injuries on the victim party’s overall health function or any physical impairment, future disfigurement, past disfigurement, future physical pain, past physical pain, anguish or mental distress, inconvenience, future medical costs, previously incurred medical costs, lost past wages or earnings, loss of consortium, lost future earning capacity, loss of household or domestic services and damage to property.

Economic and non-economic damages come under the category of compensatory damages. Economic damages refer to the loss of things that might cost money where as intangible types of losses are referred to as non-economic damages. Non-economic damage covers embarrassment, humiliation, pain, suffering, disfigurement, loss of household or domestic services, and lost ability to live life with every enjoyment.

Punitive Damages

This type of damages is considered as “punitives” in the law industry shorthand. As an opening premise, punitives in all circumstances are not recoverable. Punitives are not economic or non-economic damages as these are not intended for any loss compensation. Instead, this type of damages is sparingly used in restricted situations to penalize the party causing the accident. The public policy and legislative purposes behind such damages are meant to address the tortfeasor’s behavior which is regarded as very hazardous or reckless. Lawmakers consider the conduct as a demonstration of malice or intentional disregard for others’ rights, safety and health. It is actually rare cases, when punitives are paid to the injured party because they are very limited in a personal injury case.

Settlement Affected by Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injury may cause a number of disabilities. The extent and type of trauma you experience can have great effect on your settlement in a personal accident case. A severe injury refers to the lack of all sensory and motor movement below the degree of injury. An incomplete spinal cord injury means there is some voluntary sensory or motor function below the injury level.

The major types of cord injuries include:

  • In cases, like Central Cord Syndrome the spinal cord center is damaged with less severe sensory or motor functions especially in the lower extremities. Victims may lose the ability to move their arms and such cases can hugely affect your settlement if it is a case of paralysis.

  • Anterior Cord Syndrome is a partial cord injury that can paralyze the front portion. Victims may experience a reduced ability to sense temperature and pain, though the sense of touch is retained. Some patients often regain a level of movement. The inability to sense temperature or pain can make a substantial settlement.

  • Posterior Cord Syndrome is also an incomplete injury as victims retain motor and sensory function, but experience some loss of ability in the body to perceive fine touch and positioning of body parts. Such injuries may not produce a substantial settlement unlike other cord injuries.

  • Complete Cord Injuries are the most intense types of injuries as the spinal cord is divided into two. This can produce quadriplegia or paraplegia with the complete absence of all sensory, motor, and reflex activity below the injury level.

Injury can produce devastating physical, financial and emotional harm to the victims along with their families. Renowned Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto can help victims gain proper compensation.

Author bio: James Galan, one of the specialized Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto offers professional legal services for injury parties suffering from accident loss.

How To Build Your Network As A Lawyer

How to Build Your Network as a Lawyer

Networking is important in just about any career. While being good at what you do is important for advancing your career, the people you know may even be more important for getting to where you want faster and easier. As a lawyer, networking with the right people can help you get new clients, find colleagues or mentors to turn to for advice, and hire the best people for your firm. While some people are naturally great at networking and love connecting with people, others aren’t so keen on it. Either way, if you want to advance your career, or build up your law firm, you need to learn how to extend your network. Below are a few tips that can help you boost your network.

Attend Local Networking Events

While many lawyers believe networking events are a waste of time that’s better spent working on cases, connecting with the right people at these events can be very important for your career or business. Find local networking events for lawyers or local businesses and connect with as many people as you can. Don’t just focus on quantity but also quality however. Try to genuinely connect with people and have quality conversations with them. Don’t just try to promote your services either. People will be much more likely to remember you after an interesting conversation.

Be Involved in Your Local Community

Joining a local soccer team or being involved in local charities can help you build your network. Participate in community activities that you actually enjoy. That way you’ll be able to network while doing something you actually like. Being a lawyer will take up enough of your time as it is, so it’s great if you can combine networking with a leisure activity that you can even involve your family or friends in.

Use the Internet

If you dread going to networking events, but love spending time online, perhaps you should focus more on networking through online channels. You can use LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and even Facebook to connect with colleagues, potential clients and other interesting people. The best way to connect with people online is to provide value. Engage in conversations on topics that relate to the area you practice in or are interested in. If you’ve engaged in an interesting conversation with someone, you can start following them or send a friend request (depending on the social network) and take it from there.

Take it Slow and Keep Connecting

It usually takes time to build your network and see great results from it. So if your networking doesn’t seem to be paying off immediately, don’t give up. You’re in this for the long haul. Don’t just focus on connecting with people yourself, but also connect people in your network with each other if you believe they could benefit from this. That way you’ll be remembered as the person who helped them out, and they’ll be more likely to think of you when they need your services or know someone who might be interested in working with you.

About Guest Post Author:

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane thinks it would be fun to network as an attorney.

2 New Types Of Law Services In The Internet Era

2 New Types of Law Services in the Internet Era

In the last decade or so the internet has completely transformed the business world. The internet doesn’t just give businesses new ways for marketing their products and services and interacting with their clients, but has also given way to completely new business models. While in the past you would’ve used the internet to market your brick-and-mortar store, these days you are more likely to start up an online store or to transform your brick-and-mortar shop into an e-commerce store. There are an abundance of businesses today that solely offer products and/or services online. Many of the products and services that are being offered online these days wouldn’t even be able to exist without the internet. While people working in the legal business haven’t completely jumped onto the internet bandwagon yet, a number of new innovative legal services that make use of internet technology have already popped up in the last few years. If you are a lawyer who’s at all interested in what the internet could mean for legal services, you should read on.

Legal Document Services

While many law firms still charge exorbitant rates for making up legal documents for wills, incorporation documents and other legal documents, services such as LegalZoom have completely transformed this type of legal service in the last ten years. LegalZoom’s online service offers the creation and filing of legal documents at much lower prices than most law firms and make it really easy to go through the process of getting your LLC filed, will created or other legal document drafted. The most important aspects of an online legal document service include a focus on user friendliness, speed and customer service.

Legal Advice Services

Hiring an attorney just for a few questions you have about a business or personal legal matter can be very costly. Some online legal services however are offering an alternative to the expensive and time intensive process of getting legal advice. These online businesses allow you to subscribe to their legal advice service for a monthly fee, which allows you to receive advice from experienced attorneys on different types of business or personal legal matters. These services usually include a limited amount of questions you can ask or time you can get from an attorney each month, but will allow you to get additional work done at discounted rates and legal documents drafted at lower fees.

Online legal services are much more scalable than normal legal services, which is why they can be offered at much lower rates. While online legal services are still in its infancy, we believe that they will shake up the entire legal industry during the next decade. If you are a lawyer with an interest in technology and entrepreneurship, this might be the best time to get that crazy idea for a new legal service out into the world. Just make sure you have a solid business plan, offer a great service and know a thing or two about internet marketing.

About Guest Post Author:

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane thinks that the Internet is really going to change the legal profession.

Visual Tip-offs: How Police Spot Drunk Drivers

No matter how well intoxicated motorists believe that they hold their liquor, they always exhibit signs of intoxication. Experienced police officers can identify motorists who are likely intoxicated based upon their driving habits. In some cases, the driver’s inebriation is obvious and the officer instantly gains probable cause to conduct a traffic stop. However, even subtle mishaps can trigger an officer’s suspicions. During the traffic stop, officers look for a number of other signs to confirm or dispel their suspicions.

On the Roadpulled Visual Tip offs: How Police Spot Drunk Drivers
Intoxication reduces the driver’s ability to perceive and react to external stimuli. As such, drivers often fail to notice roadway signs; this can present as running a stop sign or driving the wrong way down a one-way street. Intoxicated motorists often fail to react to lights turning red or green; running a red light, braking at the last second, or sitting idle for seconds after the traffic light turns green are all indicators that a motorist is inebriated. Intoxicated drivers also fail to remember to turn on their headlights.

One of the most effective indicators that an intoxicated motorist is on the road is a weaving vehicle. Intoxication increases reaction times, impairing the driver’s ability to recognize that the vehicle is not properly situated in the lane. It also impairs the driver’s coordination, thus preventing him or her from making subtle and timely corrections.   Heavily intoxicated motorists may weave all over the road or fail to even recognize that the vehicle is not placed in its lane. When the motorist turns, he or she often turns too soon, thus striking a curb, or turns far too wide, thus drifting into oncoming lanes.

Unusually aggressive driving also indicates impaired judgment. Abruptly stopping, rapidly accelerating, or changing lanes in a sudden and jerky manner indicates poor motor control, which is also consistent with alcohol intoxication. Failing to yield to other vehicles or to an officer’s commands also indicates poor receptivity and thus intoxication. While weaving within one’s lane may be legal, weaving within a lane in front of a police officer and making abrupt inputs is likely to lead to a traffic stop for suspicion of driving under the influence.

During the Stop

Once the officer has conducted a traffic stop, his or her interactions with the driver will quickly reveal whether the driver is intoxicated. A strong odor of alcohol is a significant indicator; such odors may be detectable even before the officer reaches the vehicle.   As the officer approaches the vehicle, he or she will look into the vehicle from the outside; any open containers of alcohol or drug paraphernalia in plain sight are also strong signs that the driver may be under the influence. Many states have laws against possessing open containers of alcohol in the driver’s compartment regardless of whether the driver has been drinking or not.

Upon reaching the driver, the officer will look into the driver’s eyes. Intoxicated persons often have bloodshot eyes and pupils that are unusually dilated or constricted for the prevailing amount of light. Intoxicated persons are also prone to nystagmus, or slight rapid side-to-side movement of the pupils. If an officer believes that a driver is drunk, he or she may ask the driver to perform a brief visual exercise to follow the tip of his or her pen with the driver’s eyes only; this both tests for nystagmus and tests the driver’s ability to follow simple instructions. Failing to follow instructions or having nystagmus are indicators that the driver is intoxicated.

Drivers under the influence often send a variety of physical and verbal cues that they are intoxicated. Slurring speech, fumbling with or failing to identify obvious documentation, and taking too long to answer the officer’s questions are also indications. Drivers who have difficulty taking off their seat belt, getting out of the vehicle, or standing once outside of the vehicle are also demonstrating the poor motor control traditionally associated with intoxication. Providing inconsistent information and spontaneously offering up unnecessary information are also red flags.

Drivers who demonstrate any of the warning signs of intoxication are likely to be scrutinized further. However, every individual indicator of intoxication has a plausible explanation. When your case goes to trial, “the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you appeared impaired”, says Katz & Phillips, P.A. Even a strong odor of alcohol emanating directly from the driver does not prove that he or she actually ingested alcohol.   Additionally, drunk drivers represent only a small percentage of the motoring public; according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the probability of identifying an intoxicated motorist at night through the use of random stops is a mere three percent.   Innocent drivers can easily be swept up in the zeal to remove intoxicated drivers from public roads. If you or someone you know was wrongfully arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, contact a criminal defense attorney in your area as soon as possible.  

Featured images:

By Molly Pearce

About Guest Author:

Freelance author and artist Molly Pearce makes it a point to regularly address human rights, legal, and health issues in her work as these areas can often be a source of stress for the modern adult. Molly finds that knowledge through independent research can relieve some of this stress and prepare you to deal with any type of serious situation life throws your way. The criminal defense website of Katz & Phillips, P.A provided helpful legal information on the practices of law enforcement and DUI legislation.

What Are the Different Types of Criminal Law Cases?

Law and lawful exercises are arranged into two wide territories. Most individuals don’t comprehend the contrasts, however the 2 are truly unique in demonstration. Criminal law and common law are 2 differentiate and expansive elements of law that manage divide sets of the law and discipline. Samples of the criminal law incorporate strike, electric storage device, homicide and instances of robbery. Then again, common law concerns cases, for example, negligence or carelessness. Hence, a separation lawyer speaks to gatherings in common law.

Criminal law blankets all offenses by a single person against the State. A wrongdoing is dependably against the State, and when a criminal is disciplined, it is a requital for the State. There are numerous sorts of criminal law cases that are attempted in the courts. These unlawful acts are by and large ordered into General Offenses, Dui or traffic Offenses, Sex Offenses, White Collar Crimes, and different incidental offenses that might be attempted in courts.

General offenses incorporate bothered ambush, abducting, homicide, burglary, murder, misappropriation, false proclamations, prevarication, opposing capture, robbery, in addition to different criminal acts that fall under general offenses. Unlawful acts that fall under traffic/dui are racing, bothered driving, exasperated DUI, driving on suspended permit, danger, heedless driving, great DUI, and misdeed DUI around others.

Sex offenses are those bound against the chastity of the individual. If you are a man or a lady, so long as you were outraged somehow in connection to your individual, relating to your sexual orientation, the demonstration itself can even now be acknowledged as a sex offense. This incorporates sex ill-use, attack of a tyke, sex ambush, open sexual obscenity, workstation unlawful acts, disappointment to enlist as a sex guilty party, and open offense with a minor.

Salaried wrongdoings are those that are recognized as ecological unlawful acts, fake plans, coercion, cash laundering, proficient authorizing issues, administrative law violations, and racketeering.

Indeed with the differing qualities of wrongdoings that are settled day by day, once you are accused of any of these unlawful acts, or you happen to be a victimized person, you might as well search out the direction of an exceptional attorney to protect you and your rights in the best possible court of law. While doubtlessly anybody can record a criminal case in the courts, it is basic for you to look for the counsel of an exceptional criminal legal counselor. Assuming that you were the victimized person, and you happen to end up frightfully misused, you generally have the choice to look for change in court. What’s more, assuming that you are the one captured as a result of a criminal accusation, you are likewise qualified for equivalent assurance by the court since you are still assumed pure until the court has indicted for the wrongdoing being charged.

Law violations against the individual in essence, for example, kill, vehicular murder, attack, and assault normally include a more stupendous level of discipline since life was specifically perpetrated upon. Despite the fact that in assault, contingent upon the circumstances, life may have not been taken yet the damage created is dependably for a lifetime. All the more regularly, these cases catch general society interest than trivial criminal acts, for example, shoplifting or pill ownership. Then again, theft, prevarication, and workstation wrongdoings are declared dependent upon the level of harm that the lawbreakers have brought about either against the individual or the property.

The CXO Guide To Cutting Legal Bills In 2014

Chief officers have it tough. That’s not a secret. You’ve probably seen and lived that secret throughout the tenure of your company, undoubtedly, which means you know real easily just how extensive these particular costs can be: the attorney fees. They can almost pile and pile like nothing, and it takes you quite a while to get your corporation’s head above the water just enough to breathe.

Thankfully, as this 2014 year begins, you have a way to save some money from all the legal fees, helping you run more efficient financially and practically. Whether you have an in-home counsel or hire an external firm to do your legal work, it doesn’t matter — this guide will serve you just the same

But First, Let’s See Why the Legal Bills End Up so Astronomicalpanhandling The CXO Guide To Cutting Legal Bills In 2014

Here are some facts about the legal industry that you’re going to have to understand:

  • There Are No Salary Cuts at All
  • There Are No Discounts Available
  • There Are No Billing Rate Fluctuations Even When the Economy Drop

You’ll find this to be true of just about any large law firm out there. It’s a sad and scary fact, but the fact is this: these law firms have the reputation and ability to do that. Legal services, for countless years, have been highly sought after.

So what do you do? You might have to do away with collaborating with the traditional law firms and find an independent and outsourced lawyer working for an hourly rate.

There Are Some New Rules to Hiring Attorneys, Though

Maybe you possibly don’t see the ROI anymore with your general counsel and you have to seek outside support, too. Whatever the case, understand that the legal industry as a massive whole might be behind the times as far as cost-effective billing systems. You, however, might find a few gems in the sand of the wasteland, some small firms well ahead in the game as far as prices due to their efficient billing strategy, saving them money.

With the assistance of UpCounsel, you would have no trouble assembling that highly efficient team of independent attorneys for less than what you’d pay at the high-priced downtown law firm, and here are the steps to doing that:

Cutting Your Legal Bills

The legal industry is very much a competitive field, and not many consider that. Some think, possibly, that it’s an elite club. It’s not. The fact is the criminal attorney on the south side of your location is competing with the other criminal attorney on the other side, and vice versa. Knowing who’s the best in the game and using that to your advantage will put you ahead of your own game, undoubtedly; and here’s how:

  • Research, Research, Research — It’s a common myth to believe that only the best lawyers work in the biggest firms. Do the research and find those highly qualified lawyers working on their own at a cheaper cost but with the same experience and talent.  You’ll come out with only a fraction of the expense.
  • Get a Bidding War Going — This is what I mean by ‘using it your advantage.’ Get estimates for your project from a multitude of prospects. After all, most lawyers will offer free consultations, so why not get a good look at their rates? It’ll be like shopping at your favorite candy store.
  • Reviews and Referrals Are King — You can believe what any lawyer says just fine, but make sure what they say is backed up by what people say online or in reference. If your friends, family, colleagues and other distant relatives in every corner of the earth say that this particular lawyer is a good one, believe it.
  • You Are Interviewing the Lawyer — You’re in control. You are hiring the lawyer, not the other way around. Expect a resume, ask the right questions and determine for yourself if that lawyer is, in fact, right for you and your case.
  • What Is “Transparent Billing”? — A lot of the legalese and attorney terminology can make anyone’s head spin, so be sure to ask your prospective lawyer to give you something called “transparent billing,” where services are spelled out for you as if you were a child.

Make No Mistake: It Is, Still, a Tough Market Out There

Take these next few secrets to close off this tirade of supreme knowledge to heart, though — in that while you may need a lawyer that’s within the zip code to show up for court, know that the fees a lawyer can charge can account for even travel.

So don’t limit yourself to the locale. Lawyers can work for clients outside of your city, and they have for decades. You might even get a better selection from another city due to some economic downturn.

Just remember that while being a good business lawyer is the ideal profession in the industry, it’s also assumed as a passion, a legal duty, almost justice to take on any case a lawyer might feel strongly about. This reinforces the simple idea: it’s a competition. Take advantage of it and find the lawyers with the best value for the best cost.

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Matt Faustman is the CEO at UpCounsel. You can follow his business insights on Twitter at @upcounsel.

5 Ways A DUI Will Affect Your Future

DUI Sign 5 Ways A DUI Will Affect Your Future

We are all human and often make some mistakes or poor decisions that could jeopardize our future. Many people, young and old, have had a few drinks and then decided to get behind the wheel. This is potentially harmful not only for yourself but everyone else on the road. Drinking makes you feel invincible and it may lead you to believe that its ok to get behind the wheel, but it’s not. Eventually, if you drink and drive, you are going to get caught and pay some harsh consequences. This can mean jail time, fines, community service, getting your license taken away and much more. How will you be able to drive to work with no drivers license? If you drive and get caught there will be even more fines and a longer suspension. You will find yourself taking a cab or begging people to give you a ride to work. If they are reliable they will get you to work on time, if not this puts you at risk for being late all the time.

Seeking Employment

There may be one day when you go to apply for that new job and you have to fill out an application. You may run into the question asking if you have ever been convicted of a felony, been arrested or committed a misdemeanor. Of course, you have to answer with the truth because the employer will find out when they do a background check. It is up to the employers to determine whether they would like to employ you or not. Getting a DUI can cost you to have a hard time finding employment for many years to come.

College Drinking Consequences

If you received a DUI while attending or applying for college, you may end up facing consequences that could damage your career. Some of the possible penalties are loss of student housing, scholarships and financial aid. The institution may also put you on probation, or you may be expelled.

Higher Insurance Rates

When it comes to getting a DUI, you can definitely expect for your car insurance rates to go through the roof, or they may drop or cancel you. They will make the rates so high that you can’t even afford to pay your premium anymore. You may want to look into purchasing a bus pass or even a bicycle to get you around for several years.

Private Lawyers

You will definitely want to hire yourself a good lawyer and not just use a court-appointed attorney. Great lawyers are always honest and are known for having a proven track winning record. Hiring a private lawyer is not going to be cheap either because you get what you pay for. Many states have different laws for this offense as well as if you are visiting out of the country. In the end, your will actions will not be taken lightly with your children or family and you will put your future through a big and long inconvenience.

Featured images:

This article was written Roy Swingle who has been a content creator for www.Orl-Law.com for the past 4 years.

Undocumented Immigrant Practices Law In California

medium 138556236 Undocumented Immigrant Practices Law In California

There was a massive triumph for those in support of immigration rights in California. A week ago the supreme court of California ruled in favor of Sergio Garcia, an undocumented immigrant to the United States. This ruling allows him to take the bar and practice law regardless of his immigration status. According to an article on Reuters, “California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye wrote that current immigration policy makes it “extremely unlikely” that a law abiding individual such as Garcia would be deported. ‘Under these circumstances, we conclude that the fact that an undocumented immigrant’s presence in this country violates federal statutes is not itself a sufficient or persuasive basis for denying undocumented immigrants, as a class, admission to the State Bar,’ she wrote.”

What it means

What does this mean for other types of jobs in the United States? While being a lawyer isn’t something people normally think about when it comes to illegal immigrants. It should open people’s eyes that the people coming to this country are more than just field workers or that they can only perform some other kind of manual labor. They are real people with educations, families and goals.

There are also those who are coming to the country simply to start a better life for themselves and their families. Dailyfinance.com writes that, “Migrants make up 16% of the work force, and over 50% of the labor force growth. This is no small matter, since the U.S. labor force participation rate has been falling over the past decade and has accelerated since the financial crisis.” Immigrants are here, no matter how many people pretend that they simply don’t exist.

What happens next?

The future of immigration reform is looking bright. More and more of these kinds of cases will be popping up in which skilled individuals will come to our jobs. Rather or not it’s a highly technical job or some kind of menial labor, immigrants can, and should, keep coming to this country. More often than not these people are coming from a terrible situation in another country. Oakland based law firm, Bean & Lloyd LLP write that, “Under our current laws, waivers for most grounds of inadmissibility require noncitizens to show that their exclusion or removal from the United States would cause extreme hardship to a particular U.S. citizen or lawful resident relative.”

Several different things could happen from this point. One of those things will be the reform of the American education system. If local companies are taking on more qualified individuals from foreign countries, then there is clearly a problem with the people in the pool of potential employees. This also means that more technical education will be offered to children at an earlier age. It’s going to be the only way to compete with other countries that fully embrace technology. This certainly isn’t a bad thing either, having a more competitive pool of workers will lead to lower employment rates and an overall happier population.

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Samatha Hopkins is a law student working on her final year of law school. When she’s not studying she likes to peruse the history sections of bookstores and getting in the occasional workout at the gym. She lives with her quirky roommates and their Pomeranian, Honeypot.

Top Law Firm Marketing Ideas

With more than a million attorneys practicing in the United States, it is important that every law firm has an excellent marketing plan that drives traffic and generates new leads. Because a law firm is only as profitable as the number of clients it has, having an effective marketing strategy that targets the right audience and clientele is imperative. Here are some of the top law firm marketing ideas.

1. Start a Blog

People love experts and there is no better way to display your knowledge then through a legal blog. Focus the blog on topics of current interest in the news and put an interesting spin on them to incite traffic, readership and comments from visitors. Become an expert, by focusing the blog towards the field of law that your firm specializes in. For example, a firm that specializes in DUIs will want to cater their blog towards topics that are of interest to that specific audience. Consequently, when a person uses Google or another search engine to find a specific keyword or phrase the more popular your blog the more likely it is that it will be ranked highly. Be sure to update the blog on a weekly basis and be an active participant in the comments and discussion area.

2. Learn to Love Social Media

Regardless of whether you are 10 years old or 80 years old, nearly every American has an account with one of the popular social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Not having an active Facebook account is a huge detriment to your firm’s success because many people use the social media website to find and review businesses. In addition to having a Facebook account for your firm, create a Twitter account to tweet about legal news stories that relate to your firm. Try to increase your following by tweeting interesting, relevant and shareable information that is likely to go viral and drive traffic to your firm’s account. Other ideas for social media include having an Instagram account to publicize pictures ranging from photos of your law firm to the attorneys that practice there.

3. Design a Better Website

Once a person views a website they generally decide within the first thirty seconds whether to continue viewing the page or go to the next Google result. Consequently, it is important to make sure that your law firm’s website instantly connects with visitors and draws them in to continue to want to learn more information. The best websites will be eye catching, but simple enough to be navigated in seconds. The website should contain information regarding your firm’s areas of expertise, biographies of the practicing attorneys, contact information and links to a Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. Consider viewing the websites of your firm’s closest competitors to get ideas for what to do and not to do on your page.

4. Target the Right Audience

Don’t waste valuable time and money marketing to the wrong audience. Obviously, if your firm specializes in corporate tax law then it should not be targeting people in need of a criminal defense attorney. Cater the website, social media pages and other marketing tools to the right audience for the best results.

Regardless of the type of law being practiced, marketing is the top tool for generating new leads and converting clients. Consequently, having an effective marketing strategy that utilizes the aforementioned strategies will put your firm one step ahead of your competitors.